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Susan P. Baker

The author of six novels
and two nonfiction books.
all of which have a legal angle
due to her justice career.

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Bio Of Susan P. Baker


Her father was a lawyer and a judge. She remembers him parking the family outside the old county jail while he went in and made bail bonds. She'd stare out the window at the broken glass that lined the walls to prevent escapes and wonder what it was like inside.


Susan P. Baker is the author of six novels and two nonfiction books, all of which have a legal angle due to her career in the justice system dealing with: murder, kidnapping, incest, stalking, child support, child custody, and divorce. A retired Texas judge from Galveston...

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Just the name, Mavis Davis, gives you a feel for the character and the book. She's smart, confident, and competent. To a great extent, the characters, including Mavis, make the story. I'd read the first book, "My First Murder," so I wanted to see the further adventures of Mavis. I wasn't disappointed. It's a good read.

Richard Ferguson

My first choice in books are murder mysteries with female detectives. I have added Mavis to my must read books. Living near the Houston area, I feel akin to the atmosphere of the book. It was difficult to put the book down as I was spell bound to what would happen next, but I also hated the story to end. I can hardly wait for the third sequel of Mavis Davis!

Gayle P. Jones