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Frustrated with the two controlling men in her life, Dena Barlow Armstrong has outlined a rosy future for herself and her children, independent of them. Her husband, Zack, constantly pushes her to turn over her inheritance to him, and when she doesn’t, he punishes her with his indifference. Her law partner and cousin, Lucas, controls her money and the types of cases she accepts.

Just as Dena begins to achieve her goal of independence, someone emerges with very different plans for her. Unaware of the danger she faces, Dena lives each day as a wife, mother, and attorney. Then one day, when her husband is out of town, the stranger lurks in her garage, waiting until she and the children go to bed…

This standalone novel is Susan P. Baker’s sixth mystery/suspense novel.

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Mavis Davis, a likable, new-to-the-job private investigator, not only has one of the wackiest office staffs in mystery fiction, but also goes about solving her first crime in her own, independent, highly interesting way.

When greasy-spoon cafe owner Carl Singleton shows up wanting to hire Mavis to solve the murder of one of his waitresses, Doris Jones, a woman with whom he has fallen in love, Mavis reluctantly takes the job especially when Carl confesses that all the other private investigators in Houston have turned him down. But, facts are facts, and Mavis has to face the fact that she has bills to pay that serving legal papers won't cover.

Though the Houston Police Department, including Mavis' boyfriend Sgt. Ben Sorensen, get in her face and try to discourage her, Mavis dives head first into the case. What she learns is, there is scandal deep in the heart of Texas. She only hopes she can uncover it before it's too late for her.



Private Investigator Mavis Davis starts out searching for a missing girl as a favor to wacky Candy Finklestein, her half-day, high school worker, but the search soon becomes a search for a kidnapper and murderer when the missing girl's brother also disappears and their father winds up dead. Because of her missteps, Mavis is implicated in the kidnapping and must solve the case to clear her name. Even her cop boyfriend, Ben, can't help her this time--or rather, won't. If Mavis can't solve this caper, she's facing a life sentence!

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This entertaining legal thriller grips the reader..." I Love A Mystery Newsletter.

Criminal defense attorney Sandra Salinsky is hired to defend Kitty Fulton for the murder of plaintiffs' attorney Phillip Parker. Salinsky and her mother, Erma Townley, not only are law partners but often sparing partners. Since the decedent was Salinsky's mother's best friend, the case becomes more complicated than it first appears.

Although Fulton claims she's innocent, Sandra soon learns that Kitty had millions of reasons to kill Parker, and not all of them were about money. To make matters worse, Edgar Saul, the prosecutor from hell, is assigned to the case. Sandra and Erma put their heads together to try to figure out who really killed Parker, but it seems everyone has a different story of the events on the night of the murder.

One thing is certain, someone stole the victim's watch and ring, which could turn a murder into a capital murder, a death penalty offense. Sandra has to find the killer before her client is indicted and put to trial for capital murder. Before the case is over, Sandra risks everything to solve a crime that leads into the very pillars of Galveston society and puts herself in danger to capture a killer who will take no chances in making her the next victim.

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Marian Reid was forced by her mother to give up her autistic son, Robert, for adoption. Though she fought in court for him twice in the past, when his current caregiver is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she must fight a third time or risk losing all contact with him. Trouble is, at Marian’s high school reunion, she has just reconciled with her soul mate, the father Robert has never known. Further, she must break a promise to her best friend, risking their friendship.

This is about mother’s love, but also about the love between Marian, her friends, and neighbors, the quirky people who live on Ledbetter Street:

Eva, who is fighting breast cancer while trying to keep her coffee shop afloat.

Jane, a homeless woman, who is fighting to survive on the mean streets of Galveston.

Chloe, who is enmeshed in a violent relationship and fighting to keep her baby.

Ledbetter Street is a story of the mothers, the children, the friendships, and the personal tragedies of people who have become a family by virtue of their choice of home, their struggles, and the lessons learned.

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Heart of Divorce

Advice on How To Do Your Own Divorce and Recover Quickly. Expert Advice to a Fast and Pain Free Divorce. From making the decision to divorce to preparing for separation to representing yourself or hiring an attorney to what to do about a bad judge, this book walks the litigant through the system, with heart, humor, and down to earth advice. Additionally, the judge talks plainly about what a person should and shouldn't do during and after the divorce and recovering as quickly as possible.

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An amazing amount of research and assembly of facts to show dangers related to the judiciary as well as failure to deal with the mental health problems and related needed treatment often required and more often ignored." Honorable Garvin Germany (Deceased).

"This book should be mandatory reading for anyone who has ever advocated that security for judges and courtroom personnel is one of those nonessential luxuries that can always be sacrificed for more 'important' concerns. Judge Susan Baker has not only created a well-researched work, but has made it a darn good read. It's loaded with the kind of action and suspense found in adventurous fiction, but it's more fascinating and enjoyable because it's all absolutely true." Ronald F. Vella, CSR, Official Court Reporter (Retired)

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Suggestion of Death

Jim Dorman, a laid off newspaperman in the Texas hill country, can’t pay his child support. He is summoned to court for nonsupport and the first thing the judge does is read a Suggestion of Death into the record for a man who was supposed to appear that day. She tells the next man that his children would be better off if he were dead, and when Jim steps up for his turn, the judge tells him to get a job or go to jail. At his next court appearance the judge reads another Suggestion of Death into the record, sparking Jim’s curiosity. He begins researching and discovers a number of men who have been cited for nonsupport have died accidental deaths. When an informant winds up murdered and stuffed in a trunk and strange mishaps befall Jim, he figures he’d better find out who’s behind the deaths before he ends up as the next dead dad.

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