Friday in Havana, Cuba
July 21, 2016
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July 21, 2016

I arrived in Cuba around 3:30 est yesterday, Interjet running late due to the air traffic in Mexico City. Everyone disembarks on the Tarmac , but I’m used to that from flying out of Queretero. After purchasing medical insurance, standing in line to go through immigration, and waiting around 45 minutes for our bags, we practically flew through customs with nothing to declare. After that was half an hour in line to change my pesos to CUCs which are roughly equivalent to the dollar.

Cuba is even more humid than the Gulf coast. And today, Oct. 8, should get up to 91 f, like summer in Galveston which I don’t really miss.
Last night we went to a penthouse restaurant. El Penthouse de Cafe 17K.

I’ll post pictures of the views. Food was wonderful. Red snapper for me and avocado and piña colada.imageimageimage Exhausted, we returned to our (probably 2 star hotel–after all there is security and dated but basic necessities). I slept well under the wall air conditioning unit.

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