January 18, 2018
The Story of Tudi
January 25, 2018

Wow! What a great group of people at the Houston Women’s March last Saturday. Not just old women,

My friend Marilyn and me. Marilyn is between 70-80. She’s a great gal. I’m between 60-70 (LOL)

middle-aged women, or young women. Not just girls. But babes in arms. Men of all ages. Boys. Ancient women in wheel chairs. People of all colors, shapes, sizes, religions, political persuasions. What a blast for all of us.

The cloudy, overcast day didn’t deter us. So the gods sprinkled a little rain on us. So what. A little chilly air. So what. We had a message to send, and we sent it. If you’ve never marched or picketed, I can only tell you that it’s most exhilarating–the chants, the drums, the combos, the songs, the friendliness expressed between complete strangers. You bumped into me. No problem. I bumped into you. No problem. We’re all there for a reason–to take back our country for us, the people, the other 99%.

At Houston City Hall after the march, where we heard from the mayor and many other community leaders–mostly women. And some very sad stories of families that had been broken up by our immigration policies.

Maybe you’d like to join us in the future–same time, next year.

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