Susan to appear at The Book Nook, Galveston Women’s Conference
January 4, 2018
January 18, 2018

My world was turned upside down in the last year or so when I returned from a trip to Australia and separated from my husband. Subsequently, we divorced January of ’17. I resettled in Galveston, TX, the island where I grew up, which I love so much. (I have left many times, but I always return. It’s the sand between my toes.)

My ex stayed in Mexico.

For the last year I’ve been “updating” the aged house I purchased (which I’ll be updating until the day I die), furnishing it, selling my condo, which I bought here in 2016 after my younger brother died, getting my finances in order, organizing my writing, and generally taking care of myself–physically and emotionally. I feel pretty up-to-snuff now.

Last year I put out a suspense/thriller novel (depends on your definition) entitled UNAWARE.

With all the activity around here–workers installing windows, workers taking out old duct work and putting in new, workers removing a huge dying ash tree which had overgrown the back yard, workers building out an apartment above my garage–you get the picture, I often felt I was going to be crushed under the burden of it all.

BUT, I wasn’t. Didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted. Poo. But I have two novels in the process of being edited. I have a WIP (3rd in the Mavis Davis Series) that I hope to finish the first draft of by the summer (had hoped to finish the first draft by last Christmas, but alas…) And one that’s half-baked (pun intended)–I’d shelved it and now have taken it off the shelf.

So, 2018 holds a lot of promise. The one thing I do promise for sure is that I’ll have something new in print by this summer if it kills me. (If it does, at least then I won’t have to finish “updating” this house!)

So can you excuse me for my very long absence? And be patient while I relearn how to blog? I hope so.

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