January 30, 2018
Anatomy of a Murder
February 13, 2018

Tudi, plainly thinking by lying on my desk she can have my attention.

Tudi has decided she wants to be a writer. As I sit here right now, she’s examining three pens on my desk after asking me to come into the living room and watch TV with her. I told her I would later, but she’s not very patient. After a few minutes alone in front of the TV, she came in here to pester me, jumping up on my desk and looking me in the eye and speaking loudly, her (most of the time) green eyes focused on my face. Sometimes she plops on my keyboard and others insists on being in my lap and wants me to pet her. It’s really difficult to write and pet at the same time.

Tudi watching TV.

Tudi’s also my keeper. In the middle of the afternoons, she’ll come get me to go take a nap with her. If I even walk past my bed, which is in the bedroom between my office and the master bathroom, she’ll leap onto the bed and throw herself down to show me it’s time to nap. Sometimes I acquiesce to her demands. Others, I tell her no and keep going. After a few minutes or even moments, she’ll come after me. At night, I sleep alone, but I let her sleep in my bed at nap time. She’ll crawl up under the quilt and stretch out until she makes a long lump of herself.

Tudi is also my alarm clock. When she first came to live with me, she liked to arouse me at four o’clock in the morning. I did some research and found that such behavior is not uncommon. The best solution I found was to make sure she had a full bowl of food before I went to bed, because if I get up and give her food, I’ll never get back to sleep. Well, that worked for a while. It lengthened to five or in rare instances to six o’clock. But I’d actually like to sleep at least to six all the time so I had to search for another solution.

I found a “white noise” app. The first night I played the air conditioning app. It took me back to when I was a lot poorer than now and had a window air conditioner. I was able to sleep though I found it somewhat annoying. There are a lot of choices to be had on that app but I wasn’t going to try each one of them and besides, Tudi’s plaintive plea can be much louder than Shush or Fog Horns. I’ve settled on light rain. I keep it two clicks down from the loudest, that was trial and error. I found that at the loudest, it’s so loud I can’t sleep. And though two clicks down is loud, too, and I often dream it’s raining outside, it seems to work the best. The later it gets in the morning, the more likely I’ll  hear Tudi, but I haven’t been hearing her at four or five, which is truly a blessing. Now if I’d just make myself get into bed and not read until late, I’d get some good sleep.

Well, she’s back wanting me to watch TV so I’m outta here.

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